Charlottesville, Virginia



Charismatic, highly social, customer facing individual with an unrivalled set of personal contacts. The Manager of Membership is a city resident with extensive knowledge of Charlottesville’s politics, different areas, groups and social scenes. Someone with proven experience engaging, building and maintaining communities. A team leader who employs innate charm and genuinely appreciates connecting with others. A person as familiar with selling an experience and closing deals, as they are with the day to day management of tools, budgets, plans, and strategies. A connector who has a natural ability to build relationships. 



‣ Continue to grow the Membership Committee of 40 individuals that will help build a curated membership community. These highly engaged Charlottesville community members will be the ambassadors of Common House Charlottesville to the broader community. The Membership Manager will plan monthly events for the Membership Committee starting immediately.

‣ They will work with the Common House Design and Communication team to organize and create all materials both print and digital necessary to accurately sell memberships. 

‣ Monitoring new member applications and metrics, providing detailed progress reports on prospects and maintaining focus on achieving set targets for member growth and membership fee revenues.

‣ Being a face of the club for members, on hand for their feedback and thoughts, and preserving club rules and conduct.

‣ Personally assembling, driving and maintaining the productivity of membership committee(s) and taking an active role in the development of member services, amenities and benefits.


‣ Leading, managing and executing all the activities, processes and initiatives required to generate, maintain and grow the carefully chosen member base before opening, through the transition, and after opening.

‣ Understanding membership with the ability to see and communicate the value of Common House to every person interested in joining. 

‣ Selling membership to individuals, couples, organizations and companies.

‣ Organizing, maintaining, and tracking membership.



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Common House is a gathering space that cultivates community through inspirational design, dynamic programming, and fine dining. We are expanding to bring our brand of hospitality and social experience throughout the Southeast.

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