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Founding Member

You are able to invite those in your community, and beyond, for a Founding Membership, where they will receive a discounted monthly rate of $99, or $175 as a couple (versus $150/225). There is no limit to the amount of members you can invite.

These memberships are limited and may not be available once the House opens. Dues will not be collected until the House opens, but the initiation fee will be charged to reserve membership., and the discounted monthly dues rate will be honored for as long as the individual remains a member.

Inviting Potential

Feel free to introduce them directly to Austin via email (austin@commonhouse.com) or send them along to our website with your NAME as the discount code at the end of the application. Refer to the "Membership Discount" area above for more information on discounts.

& Events

We will begin events and programming for the membership committee and current Richmond members in the coming months. These are all open for you to bring guests and will be a great opportunity to meet some of our current members in the community. Stay tuned for official invites!

Schedule to come.


Why Join Now?

Common House will be hosting a number of events leading up to the opening so we are able to build community amongst our members ahead of time. We also have a number of House Perks that our members can enjoy around the Richmond area, and beyond. All members also have access to our Charlottesville house and we encourage them to visit before our Richmond house opens.

& Contact

House No.2:
305 W. Broad St.

The Outpost:
211 W. Broad St.


(434) 566-0192

Austin Bailey,
Membership Director


We always enjoy sharing our vision with potential members, and are happy to give tours, but the House may be inaccessible from time to time due to construction. Please reach out to Austin directly to schedule tours.



We are currently expecting to open in the first half of 2020.


You can always bring guests to events and programs, but committee meetings may be more limited—we will always be clear about when guests are welcome. Your friends are our friends, so please use your role to invite your people and spread the Common House love.

More FAQ

For more details and general questions on membership please visit the Richmond page: